The bright sun beaming down on a hot spring day, the yells of the vendors as they walk through the bleachers selling various beers and Dippin Dots and the scattered peanut shells covering every crevice of the concrete pave way for my favorite season of the year: baseball season. It has been 124 days since game 7 of the World Series, 124 days since that last inning, last out, last pitch.

But yesterday, Feb. 25, marked the start of Spring Training. Teams took the field, ready for a new beginning. And, in a sense, this post you are reading right now is helping Will and I embark on a new beginning. As those players brought up from the minor leagues adjust to the pressure of the MLB and to playing in front of large crowds of people, we adjust to writing for more than just our biggest fan (we love you mom!). They play to have fun, do what they love, make people happy and maybe make millions along the way and, excluding the whole money part, we created this blog for the same reasons.

Last year, the Cubs won the World Series for the first time since 1908. My parents weren’t even born yet in 1908. I guess that could be considered a new beginning, Joe Madden taking over a losing team and immediately taking them from the bottom to the top.

Will is on track to graduate college in May, and before I know it, he’ll be out on his own. He’ll have no more spring breaks to come visit and annoy me, no more college to provide free laundry and meal cards. He’ll be working in New York City, living in Manhattan. That’s a new beginning.

I currently have plans drawn up to transform his bedroom into an all-girls room for mom and I and take down the drab yellow wallpaper that has been in his bathroom for the past 14 years. That’s a new beginning.

But, despite me possibly getting an all-girls room, this blog is the most important new beginning. Two siblings living 1,126.2 miles apart, writing about sports to come together and make others happy. And in our many texts we’ve shared in the past days about blog names and logos, he never once mentioned his graduation plans, nor did I never mention my plans to change his room. We focused on this new beginning, living in this moment.

So, as the players put on their jerseys and grab their gloves, we sit in front of the TV and grab our laptops. As they adjust their sunglasses and caps, we adjust the couch and pillows. They get in the “ready position” and we hunch into the “typing position”. These seem like complete opposites, yet, at the same time, they aren’t. We’re all ready for our new beginnings in the sports world. We’re all ready to play ball.


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