Meet Macy and Will, two siblings who annoy the you-know-what out of each other, but find common ground on one thing: sports are awesome. Follow along as they share their opinions about events happening in the world of sports with anyone willing to read. Enjoy!


As a sophomore at Robinson High School in Tampa, FL, Macy already boasts a state championship ring, earned as a quarterback on the flag football team, and serves as sports editor for the online newspaper. Her sports career began as a three year old on the YMCA t-ball fields and has morphed into a lifestyle that only the Florida climate allows- 365 days a year of driving from one sport to another with just enough time to change in the backseat of the car. When she’s not on a field or court, she’s honing her writing skills with one goal in mind: be the next Erin Andrews.


A business school student whose interest in sports far outweighs his talents, Will peaked in 8th grade gym class. He warmed the bench at both the high school and college levels, highlighted by a career .333 (1-3) average as a member of Fordham University’s baseball team. His passions include intramural slow-pitch softball, abysmal March Madness brackets, and consistent disappointment in any catcher wearing a Rays’ uniform.